Benefits of Hiring a Family Lawyer For Your Child Custody Case

If you are filing for a divorce, one of the things you are probably thinking about is child custody. In most cases, the court grants child custody to the mother. However, in some cases, there may be joint custody. If you are convinced that you are better off with your child than your ex, then you need to hire a family lawyer to help you with your child custody case. Here are some benefits of hiring a child custody attorney.

Discovery Process

Custody cases involve gathering information about you, your ex and your child. Everything about you and your family will be considered during the case. The court should find an arrangement that is in the best interest of the child. A family lawyer will take you down the path of information gathering, also called discovery. Your lawyer will ensure you do not disclose information that will work against you. Your attorney will also help you organise all the facts and favourably present them.

Legal Advice

The way you conduct yourself during a custody case influences the court's decision. Your attorney will advise you on the actions you should not take while you are in the middle of a custody case. For example, you may be considering moving out of state with your new girlfriend or boyfriend in the company of your child. The court may frown on this conduct because it will affect the child emotionally since they are used to having both their biological parents.

Child Support

Child custody cases are almost always deliberated at the same time child support is granted. The court will review the financial status of both parents to determine who is to pay child support. Your lawyer will not only help you get custody of your child but also claim a fair amount of child support.

Court Experience

An attorney is experienced in court cases and will be keen on what to expect from a particular judge, a custody evaluator or your ex's attorney. Such information will help you prepare for the case. For example, if the opposing attorney is aggressive, your attorney will prepare for the type of questions he/she is likely to ask you during a hearing. Your lawyer will also advise on whether you need a guardian ad litem or custody evaluator to help strengthen your case.

Divorce cases are very emotional and intense, and they usually take long before they are finalised. In divorce proceedings, the issue of child custody will arise. If you want to win a child custody claim, your chance is better if a family lawyer backs you.

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